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Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya

The most common Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya today are about size, power, function, price, availability, and accessories. These are some of the questions potential new buyers of Sayona subwoofer systems will ask themselves before deciding on the system to purchase.  This article will try to answer these questions exhaustively to help people in making good purchase decisions.

Price of Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya

The Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya about price today make the greatest point of concern for many buyers. Prices of these subwoofers depend on several factors like indicated power mostly shown as P.M.P.O, the output of the system, and the number of speakers available, shown as 2.1, 3.1, etc.

Note that the more powerful a system is, the higher the price. A system with a P.M.P.O of 15,000W is more expensive than the one with 7,000. Also, a system with an actual output of 100W will be more costly than the one with 50W. The important thing for a buyer is to gauge the sound requirements and the available cash to spend and then go for the system matching both.

The best thing about Sayona subwoofer speaker systems is that there is a wide range of systems to choose from. Whatever requirements you have about a system, you can be sure that Sayona will have it. Mostly, the prices of these systems in Kenya range from Kshs. 5,000 to Kshs. 30,000. The prices will also be different from one seller to another and it is, therefore, the duty of the buyer to research the different sellers and get the best possible deal.

Sayona Subwoofer prices in Nairobi

In Nairobi, the prices of Sayona subwoofer systems are slightly less as compared to other towns. This is usually due to logistics and transportation costs associated with the systems. since Nairobi is a landing zone for all imported Sayona systems, the prices will be cheaper as compared to other towns like Mombasa or Kisumu where there will be additional transport costs incurred in transporting the systems to those towns.

It is advisable for those buyers not in Nairobi to enquire about the prices and note the difference before making a trip to buy the system from Nairobi. This is because although the prices may be different, the difference does not make up for the traveling expenses. For example, to make a trip from Kisumu for a system with a price difference of Kshs. 500.

The prices for these systems in Nairobi also range from Kshs. 5,000 to Kshs. 30,000 depending on the type of Sayona subwoofer system. As earlier advised, it is always good to know your budget and requirements before deciding on the kind of subwoofer system to buy.

Best Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya

The Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya about quality will depend on many factors. some people will argue that the most powerful Sayona system is the best while others will say that it’s the most expensive. There are still those who would say that the number of speakers in a system determines how good it is. The best way to categorize these systems is to have the deemed best from each category.

In the opinion of this author, in the 2.1 channel speakers Sayona systems, the Sayona SHT-1001BT is the best in this category. This is because apart from the powerful 8,000W power it produces, it is compact enough with all functions placed front-facing.

In the 3.1 channel category, this author believes that the Sayona SHT-1130BT is the best. This is because of the powerful 15,000W power and also the combination of midrange and tweeter in the satellite speakers.

In the 4.1 channel category, the author opines that the Sayona SHT-1148BT is the best. The system comes with a powerful 16,oooW and two USB ports. It also has a great finish and design to make it a beauty to look at.

There is also the category of 5.1 channel, where this author thinks that the Sayona SHT-1150BT should be the best. This is because, despite the system’s lower power of  13,500W, the satellite speakers strategically placed in a room would offer the best surround sound.

The above-mentioned subwoofer systems should not limit the ideas of different people. This is because there are also the tallboy series which are also considered the best. Individuals should gauge their subwoofer needs as well as their preferences before deciding on which system is the best.

Latest Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya

The latest Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya today mostly cover the models and the design. The majority of the older series of these systems are have been improved, therefore, making it difficult to say which system is the latest. But based on design and model, there is the Sayona SHT-1300BT, SHT-1001BT, SHT-1094BT, SHT-1199BT, SHT-1202BT, and SHT-1204BT.

The above-mentioned Sayona multimedia speaker systems are the latest with the SHT-1300BT yet to be fully introduced in the Kenyan market.

Available Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya

Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya about availability are generally about the various models in the market. Some former designs have run out of stock and most sellers don’t restock. This is due to advancements made with the design where newer models are more appealing than older ones.

Most sellers have reported models like the Sayona SHT-1137BT and the SHT-1213BT to be out of stock. The best way to answer questions about which models are available is to make an inquiry to your seller about any model you want and see if it is available. The best thing about Sayona speaker systems is that there is always an equivalent or alternative to any model you may need. Just consult your dealer and you will be informed of all the available models and those that have run out of stock. You will also be given the best alternatives available in the same category.

Tallboy Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya

Many people ask about the tallboy series of the Sayona subwoofer systems and how to tell the difference. Tallboys are systems with satellite speakers which are tall in standing than the main speaker unit. They are further divided into two, junior tallboys and full tallboys.

Junior tallboy systems have their satellite speakers slightly taller than the main unit. The junior tallboys can also come in 2.1 channel or 3.1 channel speakers. In the 2.1 channel, the system has only two satellite speakers while in 3.1 the system has two tallboys and another normal satellite speaker.

Full tallboys have satellite speakers almost double the height of the main speaker unit. They also come in either the 2.1 channel or the 3.1 channel. The illustrations below show the full tallboys in 2.1 and 3.1.

The Best Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya

Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya about the best Sayona subwoofer are hard to answer because what is the best means different things to different people. Some consider the most powerful as the best while some consider the quality of sound as the best measure. But for this article, this author believes that the best Sayona multimedia speaker system is the newly introduced Sayona SHT-1300BT. It is a junior tallboy 3.1 channel speaker system with a P.M.P.O of 20,000W. It also has deep bass and is designed for extreme music lovers.

Unfortunately, at the time of publishing this article, no extra details about this system are available. This author will do a full review of this system when more details become available. Note that the system was unveiled on the 1st of November 2021. The following are pictures of the system.

This system is also the very latest from Sayona and it seems it will be highly welcomed by a lot of music, video, and gaming lovers.

User Manual for Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya

Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya are about the usefulness of this document and its availability. The user manual is a document that should be contained in every box containing a Sayona subwoofer speaker system. If it is missing, the whole package should be rejected, returned to the seller, and a fresh one requested. This is because this document missing in a package should be taken as a sign of a pirated product.

The user manual is helpful in several ways. First, it acts as a  reference point for the whole subwoofer system. Every question about how to assemble the system or how to connect the system to other devices is answered in this booklet. It is always advised to read this booklet before beginning any operations regarding the system.

This booklet will help the user to make the proper connection and assembly of the satellite speakers to the main speaker unit. Note that poor connections will affect the quality of sound and may even damage the system. Also, any damages caused due to the negligence of the user to read this booklet will not be covered by the warranty.  Be aware that not all systems are the same and that experience about one system should not be applied to another system.

Remote Control Application in Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya

Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya about remote use are aimed at establishing the usefulness of this device. The remote control is a movable control unit of the system. This means that it will drive the system instead of manually controlling the functions. All the functions available in the control center of the system are also available in the remote control gadget. In short, this gadget allows you to be in control of the system from a distance, mostly from the comfort of your seat. With the remote control, all manual change of functions is not necessary. It is therefore a very vital part of the system.

Channel Differences in Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya

The Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya about the different number channels in systems help determine the best Sayona suited to every individual needs of a customer. Some customers will go for more power while others go for surround sound. The following are the different speaker channels available in Sayona subwoofers.

The 2.1 channel speaker system has one main speaker unit and two support satellite speakers. This system is can either be a tallboy system or a normal speaker system. It is usually preferred by those who wish for more bass in their sound system. Examples of such systems are shown below.

In 3.1 channel speaker systems, there is the main speaker unit and three satellite speakers. If it is a tallboy system, there will be two tallboys and one support speaker. This system is mostly preferred by those who want to have a balanced sound between bass and midrange. Examples of such systems are shown below.

The 4.1 channel speaker system comprises one main speaker unit and four support satellite speakers. This system is usually the normal speaker for Sayona subwoofers, meaning that there is no tallboy series for this system. The system is common with those who prefer tranquility in their sound with a distant touch of power. The following are examples of this system.

The 5.1 channel speaker system means that there is one main speaker system and five support satellite speakers. This system also has no tallboy series for Sayona subwoofers, and it is popular with those who enjoy surround sound effects, like in the cinema halls. Below is an example of such systems.

If the various Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya about channel speakers are for determining the type of system to purchase, then they will have to be answered according to the criterion given above.

Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya About Compatibility

The Sayona Sub-Woofer FAQs in Kenya concerning compatibility wish to establish the different types of media file formats compatible with Sayona subwoofer speaker systems. The major file formats available in the market are DVD, CD, MPEG4, MP3, and WMA formats. Sayona systems support all these media file formats and there should never be any doubt when playing these files. Unless the file format is corrupted, these systems will always play.


The above-explained Sayona Sub Woofer FAQs in Kenya are the major questions that most people ask when considering the choice of system to buy. Should your question not be answered in this article, contact Maam’s Korner, the official dealer of all Sayona appliances in the country.

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