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Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers




P.M.P.O. – 8000W



SPEAKER UNIT- 5.25*+3*x2

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Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers is a beautifully designed 2.1 channel speaker system with a clear sound popular in homes today. Read on to learn more about this sleek sound system that’s distributed in Kenya by Maam’s Korner.

Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers Features and Specifications

  • 2.1 Channel
  • 8,000 W  P.M.P.O (Peak Momentary Power Output)
  • Total Output 50 W
  • DVD, CD, MPE-G, MP3
  • USB/FM radio support
  • LED Display
  • Bluetooth
  • Auxiliary support
  • Equilizer
  • Total Weight 5 Kilograms
  • Measurements; Subwoofer 5.25 Inches, Speakers 3 Inches each

Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers Description

This sound system is composed of one main sub-woofer unit which is approximately 5.25 inches tall and two satellite speakers 3 inches tall each. The sub-woofer has an output of 25 W while each of the other speakers has an output of 13 W, hence a combined output of 50 W.

The elegant design and LED display will light up the room at a glance, and given the crisp clear sound output, all activities; listening to music; playing games; watching movies; will be brought to a whole different new level.

Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers Setup and Startup

The Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers come in a beautifully packaged and sealed box. This packaging is meant to ease transport and handling issues. Once the package is unwrapped, you will find the main sub-woofer, the satellite speakers, and the remote control. Place the system in your preferred place but near a power source.

To power on your system, plug the power cord into the nearest power source and press the power button in the sub-woofer or the power button in the remote control. The system is now ready for use.

Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers Compatibility and Connectivity

The Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers is compatible with a majority of file formats. Whether you are playing a DVD, CD, MPE-G, or MP3 file format, this sound system is good for all. With the 3.1 USB port, with this system, all you need to do is just plugin and it automatically plays.

This system has several ways with which you can connect to your devices. Whether it is your phone, Tv set, computer, tablet, or gaming system, you can connect all to the Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers.

If you are connecting your devices via Bluetooth, press the Bluetooth button in your system to put it on then search your system in your device for discoverability. Once the system has been paired successfully with your device, the sound system will alert you.

There is also the option of connecting your gadgets with your subwoofer system via the auxiliary line (sold separately). Insert one end of your cable to the Auxiliary-In port of your system and the other end to your device and use the Auxilliary button in your system to switch it on.

Use the equalizer buttons to set your system sound to the desired level.

The Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers also comes with an FM radio preference. To choose the radio mode, use the FM radio button on the system or the remote control. For the first time using this mode, you will need to search for the available radio stations using the search button.

All radio stations found will be memorized by the system so that you will only need to choose a pre-selected channel to listen to.


Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers Availability and Price

Maam’s Korner is the primary supplier of all Sayona brand products. All other sellers source their Sayona products from Maam’s Korner.

For the best prices for the Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers, you can buy from us through the following ways. Our price is displayed on the top section of this product description.

Online ordering – You buy online from us on this website. Scroll up this page and use the “Add to Cart” button to start the ordering process.

Visit our shop – You can visit our shop to buy and pick the speakers in person. We are located in Ola Plaza, Muthaiga Road, Muthaiga, Nairobi.

Order by phone – You can also place your order by phone via a phone call, text message or WhatsApp on +254752393736.

Order via email – You can also place your order via email at

Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers Warranty

We give a one-year warranty on this system with repairs for damages caused by no fault of the customer done for free while damages arising due to clients’ fault are done at a small fee.


For all music and gaming lovers, this Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers is a worthy investment, and with its beautiful design and clear quality sound, it will be a good addition to your home.

We hope this information has educated you about the Sayona SHT-1252BT Sub Woofer Speakers and will enable you to make an informed decision the next time you consider purchasing a sub-woofer sound system.




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